My keeperships
Big thank you to the K'ships queens, that keep track of all k'ships claimed and banked. Please have in mind, I only claim obscure k'ships, and only for fun, so don't take this list too seriously :):) LOL!
Keeper of All Footage of Alexei on Eurosport and in the French Media
Keeper of All Future Nice Reviews of Alexei in the Media
Keeper of Alexei's Autographs and His Favourite Pen
Keeper of Alexei's Signature on Future Marriage Licenses, Divorce Papers and Birth Certificates of any Future Children
Keeper of All Flight Seats Ever Sat On by Alexei and Any Future Vehicles He May Purchase
Keeper of All Time Spent Talking to A&P and Joking Around With A&P, Maria and Sarah Abitol on A&P R.R.s
Keeper of Tatiana's Big Fur
Keeper of All Hugs Given by Alexei
Keeper of the Doorknob at the Connecticut Rink and All The Screws Attaching His Blades and Boots Together
Keeper of the Flying Ice, the Magic Rink Atmosphere and the Wind Around Alexei's Head When He Skates
Keeper of All Alexei's Use of Mirrors and the Water from When He Showers
Keeper of the Weird Noise A Girl Makes Before Alexei's Performances
Keeper of Any Word Alexei has ever uttered in French
Keeper of All Alexei's Keys
Keeper of the Sound of Squeaking Leather from Alexei's Jacket, Car Seats (if leather) and Any Other Leather Objects
Keeper of Alexei's Yawns
Keeper of Any Sunburn on Alexei's Nose
Keeper of Alexei's Reaction to His Free Skate Win at Skate Canada 2000
Keeper of Everything connecting Alexei to Notre-Dame de Paris (book, movies, musicals, characters, French and English translations, characters, music)
Keeper of the Sonje Henie Rink and the Mens Locker Rooms at POP Bercy used by Alexei during Trophee Lalique 2000
Keeper of the Water that drips off Alexei and His Marvellous Swimming Skills
Keeper of the Hotel Rooms and their Keys used by Alexei at Skate America, Skate Cananda and Trophee Lalique 2000
Keeper of Alexei's Waist
Keeper of Alexei's Shiny Stuff on His Chopin Costume
Keeper of All Other Russian National Anthems Not Kept By Keeper Vera
Keeper of the Alexei Photos Taken By Michele A. Peltier From Skate America, Skate Canada and Trophee Lalique
Keeper of all HTML Tags on Her Skating Fan Site which Relate to Alexei
Keeper of Alexei's Photogenic Presence
Keeper of Alexei's Practice Sessions
Keeper of the Water which Creates the Ice Alexei Skates on
Keeper of Alexei's Charisma and Crowd Appeal, His Sentiment, and His Drive and Intuition
Keeper of Alexei's Hotel Bedsheets
Keeper of Alexei's Football and His Soccer Skills
Keeper of Alexei's 'Être En retard's' (Being Late)
Keeper of Alexei's Training Procedures
Keeper of Alexei's Toy Collection

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maintained by 'Grand Duchess' Anita.
In regard of the keeperships
AKY Keeperships List and corresponding Rules regulated & updated by Tsarina Seana, She who Keeps, Referees and Defends all Keepers and their K'Ships. (formerly Shellei, who hath bestowed it upon a new tsarina)...*LOL* I just had to include that........*sigh, I just love keeperships......*