name: Silje
location: Norway
eye and hair colour: blue and blonde
things I like: snow, ice, sun, sand, mountains, hugs, skating, edges, spins, spirals, footwork, air jumps......music...garlic(teehee), smiles, lift combinations, Surya's backflip, brushes, to sleep, Tolkien, Tolkien Jr., New Zealand, Iceland, Northern Sweden, water, that fountain outside Café/Brasserie Le Pont de l'Université in Lyon, that waterfall you pass on your way up to the youth hostel in Lyon...and the fact they light it up in blue at night.., the mechanical fountain behind Centre Pompidou in Paris, skiing

metallica, nightwish, enya, björk, gåte, hedningarna, bertine zetlitz, mozart, beethoven, grieg, ravel, prodigy, musicals, film music, anything really,
must have my daily music shots.

recent movies seen: bowling for colombine, chicago (lurrrved the choreo, hated their singing.....get me the original broadway cast), the lord of the rings: the two towers, ice age, the others, black hawk down
laguages: norwegian, swedish, danish, english, french....sorta
countries i've been to: norway(duh), sweden, finland, denmark, germany, belgium, luxembourg, france, shortly off to russia...........