What I like about Alexei's skating and skating in general
I fell in love with skating when I was about 7 years old, unfortunately skating lessons was never available where I grew up, so I never had the opportunity to learn more than what I have learned by myself, and that's not much.
Anyway, I was about 9 and we were watching the olympics, the ladies competition where I immediately understood when skaters were going to fall, it's really quite simple just look at skaters before they execute a jump and if they hesitate before "take off" well then the odds are against them ;). I pitied those who fell especially one of the ladies in a black dress who fell and was thrown into the boards..ouch...but what I fell in love in skating is footwork....many years later there was Philippe Candeloro (and that wonderful musketeer routine), I am very sorry but I don't remember Alexei from nagano....ahem.......*very ashamed* so where and when did I notice him? well I have a few über yags' fans for friends and was told to check out his skating in 2000...so I did and wheeeeeeeeeeee there was the best footwork in the world, he didn't have the the best   jumps though, I used to be constantly worried because his jump axis used to be very tilted, so I was very pleased when this was corrected by the 2001-2002 season... *grin* so what do I watch when alexei skates? I know what lots and lots of people will answer here, but I am going to be brutally honest, I watch his blades, sometimes I have to watch a routine over again a few times to catch the choreography and whole idea of the routine. However at competitions (LOL) I try to catch the whole choreography idea, because normally you're seated too far away from the ice to keep a strong eye on edges.
Keeping an eye on the timing, watching those seconds fly away is also very nerve wrecking, it was horrible during A&P's FD during lalique trophy in 2001...
Alexei didn't deliver MITIM as strong as he did later that season, so I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed. But the gala made up for that and Overcome was brilliant! My favorite routines are:
Circus, overcome, winter, gladiator, lawrence of arabia, the revolution etude :)

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