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Official Website
Alexei Yagudin: The Official Site
Affiliated websites
The Skate Blade
Alexei mailing list
   Fan interaction and updates on Bladed-power
   by J.Barry Mittan
   by Amy Salamey
   by Andrea "Hoo" Champinski
Mostly Figure Skating
   by Anke Neumann
   by Michael Bernardsky
   by Susanne Kempf
   by Beth
A Skating Gallery
   by Sandrine Bonzi
Discussion Boards/ Mailing Lists
Discussions on Alexei Yagudin
   by Laurie Sandberg
The AYWFF discussion board
   by the Alexei Yagudin Worldwide Fan Forum
Fan sites

Alexei Yagudin
   by Isako Hayashi
Alexei Yagudin
   by Obojanie
Alexei Yagudin
   by Carissa Bell
Alexei Yagudin
   by Valeska
Alexei Yagudin
   by Victoria Cao
Alexei Yagudin
   by Renate
Alexei Yagudin Worldwide Fan Forum
   by the AYWFF

Fan Sites in Russian
   by Nadeshda Korneeva and Vavaev Michail
Related Sites
Online video listing
   by TaHbka (also in English)
   The Official site of Tatiana Tarasova
The Skate-Central
   Online information about Russian skaters