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Name Alexei Konstantinovich Yagudin, this is the English translation of his name from the Cyrrilic alphabeth, and is the "Official tranlation". However in many European newspapers the press will tranlate his name directly to Aleksej Jagudin or make a tranlation that is nearer the pronounciation such as in France: Alexeï Yagudine. Click here to see Alexei's name in Cyrillic
Nickname Yags
Date of birth March 18, 1980
Place of birth St. Petersburg, Russia, t.t.f.k.a Leningrad
Height 175, 5'9
Hair colour Light brown
Eye colour Blue
Skating Debut at the age of four
Status Olympic Eligible , has said in interviews that he is going for Olys 2006.
Hometown Newington, USA
Trains in Newington, USA
Club Yubileiny Sport Club 
Rink International Skating Center of Connecticut 
Coach Tatiana Tarasova 
Choreographer Tatiana Tarasova 
Agent Dmitri Goryachkin - IMG 
School Academy of Sports & Physical Culture 
Major Coaching